Bringing world-class home

North Shore Medical Center

The Challenge

Improving a hospital his hard. Changing perceptions is harder.

Improving a hospital his hard. Changing perceptions is harder.

In October 2019, North Shore Medical Center was set to unveil the first phase of a $175 million expansion that included a new pediatric mental health inpatient wing, an expanded and modernized emergency room.

The changes were needed. The Salem Hospital facility was seen by many as outdated, and a major local competitor was becoming the hospital of choice for many patients in the region. It’s one thing, however, to improve a facility; it’s another to shift ingrained perceptions.

Services Provided:

  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Video & Photography
  • Digital
  • Social/Cause Marketing
  • Strategic Messaging
  • Communications

Hospitals are not about amenities. They’re about getting you well and back home – where you want to be.

The Solution

Focus on the benefit, not on the hospital.

Focus on the benefit, not on the hospital.

Nobody likes going to the hospital. We go because we have to, and regardless of the amenities, when we are there, we will always yearn to go home. We should measure a hospital not by the buildings and the parking lot, but by the quality of the care it delivers, the resources and expertise it can muster on our behalf, and most important, how successful it is at getting us back to the life we want to lead.

That’s why our campaign never spends a second inside the hospital. Instead, on the lives our patients lead after they’ve received treatment at NSMC. NSMC’s mission is to get patients back to their lives, in better health. Our “Committed to…” tagline was used across all four executions, which featured lifestyle photography of real NSMC patients and families.

Tactics included digital display/mobile banners, social media ads on Facebook and Instagram, out of home (digital highway billboards, print billboards, bus shelter posters), mall advertising (signage and event support), transit posters (bus kings and queens, commuter rail station posters at stations near NSMC), and print advertising (full, half, and quarter page ads in local newspapers and magazine publications). 

The Results

A new commitment takes hold.  

We ran this campaign across multiple vehicles from September – December 2019. We garnered over 8 million impressions, over 25,000 clicks, and a .3% CTR through our combined digital and social tactics. Across all vehicles, our campaign delivered an estimated 43 million impressions.

We are currently working to extend the campaign to cover specific service lines, unified around the tagline “Committed to your life.”

As NSMC’s Salem Campus received a major upgrade, an older emergency room in Lynn was replaced by a new Urgent Care facility – one with limited hours and services. In the run-up to the transition, we worked with NSMC on a public awareness campaign that made it clear where you needed to go in an emergency – information that could save lives.