Pete Valle

Pete wanted to be a rock star. Instead, he’s a writer with the gift of gab, a penchant for storytelling, and a desire to make the world just a little bit better. After 20 years at all kinds of ad agencies, hawking everything from cars to cruises to cranberry juice, Pete came to ThinkArgus to sell something entirely different: hope. He believes that a great idea can do more than move units. It can change, improve, and even save lives.
Pete’s creative leadership philosophy is simple: hands-on, hearts-in, minds-open. He’s won the industries most coveted awards, from the Francis W. Hatch Awards to the Communication Arts Advertising Annual, Addys, Webbys, AdWeek Ad of the Day, and even something called the Golden Bevies. His client list includes but is not limited to MeetBoston, Museum of Science, Boston Public Market, Certified Financial Planners, Ocean Spray, Progressive, Jeep, Ram Trucks, and SolarCity. Pete spent his childhood at Milton Academy and his college years at Holy Cross, where he studied English and played hockey.