Caitlin Dodge

As CEO, Caitlin Dodge drives the vision and growth of Argus. In this role, she leads operations, directs client relationships, and maps out our strategy as an agency. An experienced and insightful marketing leader, Caitlin has helped shepherd complex clients through their most challenging communications issues and is depended on by marketing leaders in multiple sectors for her expertise in developing effective campaigns across mediums and audiences.

Caitlin began her career at Smithsonian Enterprises, the company that publishes Smithsonian Magazine, Air & Space Magazine, goSmithsonian Magazine, and runs the Smithsonian Television Channel. As Smithsonian’s Marketing Manager, she focused on creating multimedia campaigns for national and international clients. Prior to joining Argus, Caitlin was the account lead for Williams Whittle, a non-profit focused marketing and ad agency in Alexandria, VA.

When Caitlin is not multitasking at work, she’s multitasking at home. You’ll often find her absorbed in an Audible book while chasing after her two small children. She’s also outdoors whenever she can manage it – by the ocean, hiking, or skiing.