Making it our business

MA Department of Family and Medical Leave

The Challenge

How do you “sell” new regulations to employers?

How do you “sell” new regulations to employers?

We were initially brought in by the new Department of Family and Medical Leave in April 2019 to develop and launch a major statewide awareness campaign, slated for June, to help promote the start of the new high profile – and politically sensitive – Family and Medical Leave program to business owners of all sizes around Massachusetts. With benefits not starting for an additional year, our task was to encourage employers to enroll in this vital new program. Complicating matters were a multitude of private sector and public sector stakeholders with competing visions of what the program itself should look like, and how it should be messaged to the public.

Services Provided:

  • Branding
  • Creative
  • Social / Cause
  • Marketing
  • Content
  • Video & Photography

Our audience surveys showed a notable increase in overall awareness of DFML…

The Solution

Drive home that it’s our business

Drive home that it’s our business

Over eight weeks, we conducted extensive research, brought in stakeholders for foundational conversations, built core messaging strategies and branding, and developed multiple campaign concepts before putting together a statewide media buy consisting of radio, print, out of home, and digital assets, as well as stakeholder collateral. Our campaign, “PFML: It’s your business,” primarily targeted employers with a message that empowered them, as much as told them a deadline was arriving.

This campaign was paired with an extensive messaging operation, including information sheets, FAQs, and other collateral to help extend our efforts.

The week the media buy was set to go live, the legislature voted to delay the program’s launch – and our campaign. We then, again, had two months to relaunch the campaign for August 2019, with a more expansive media buy budget.

The Results

Awareness achieved

Our audience surveys showed a notable increase in overall awareness of DFML among our target audiences, as well as specific messaging points we had emphasized through other communication efforts. Additionally, in the first month alone, the campaign delivered over 4 million impressions and 8,000 activities on the website. In the first months of 2020, DFML asked us to extend our campaign based on early indications of both awareness and impressions.

Due in large part to our high-quality work on a quick turnaround, we have been engaged to develop and launch the next phase of DFML’s campaign, focusing on the launch of benefits in 2021.

The campaign reached out to employers of different stripes and cultures in different ways, including multilingual transit ads, direct mail, and even a branded slate for informational videos (above).