The Big Why

Maybe it’s Q1 energy, maybe it’s the pending spring, but something about this time of year inevitably leads to businesses and organizations looking to rebrand themselves.

Yes, a rebrand is one of the best ways to excite and engage employees, stakeholders, and audiences. But, if you find yourself among those looking to change directions, we want to do something that’s a bit rare for an agency: We want you to pause before jumping in. 

We want you to pause, reflect on the motivation(s) behind your desired change, and really ask yourself: Why?  

Put simply: A rebrand should never happen just because you are tired of your old logo, or don’t like how a predecessor talked about something.

Based on our experience, the answer to that question – your reason – must (almost always) meet at least one of four categories we call “The 4 Whys:” 

source image | Unsplash

you’ve changed.

It happens! Maybe your services have evolved or you’ve moved into a new market. Whatever it may be, you’ve changed and your brand no longer aligns with who you are (and who you want to be). 

THe world has changed.

And consumers are looking to you for clarity. If your brand no longer seems relevant, it’s challenging to assure credibility and retain engagement. Rebranding during crucial inflection points allows you to reframe your purpose and products in a way that addresses change and makes your value clear and compelling.

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You’re making a clean break.

Consumers can be reluctant to change and sometimes you have to remind them of your evolved brand. This will strengthen your presence in the market by allowing you to keep doing what you’re good at, but with a novelty that resets the expectations of long-standing consumers and engages newer ones.

You’re seizing an opportunity.

Perhaps you’ve identified a great opportunity to act on but it isn’t encompassed in your current brand. If you revisit your brand position and move beyond the confines of what you’ve been known for, you indicate to audiences that your company can (and should) be part of this innovation. 


If you find that none of these “whys” explain your desire to change, maybe a rebrand isn’t what you need. The way we see it, understanding “the big why” is the first step in understanding what our clients really want to achieve and it makes it more likely that we’ll deliver work that matters.