DentaQuest Foundation

Making people pay attention to oral health

The Challenge

The philanthropic arm of one of the largest dental benefits providers in the nation, DentaQuest Foundation is the leading mission-based non-profit focused solely on oral health. By focusing investments through four key systems – policy, funding, care, and community – they aim to achieve an ambitious goal: to improve the oral health of all. The hard part is – how do you make the concept of oral health interesting and exciting to a lay audience?

What we did

For almost a decade, ThinkArgus has been the Foundation’s branding and communications partner. That work has put us in the thick of a movement that seeks to bring about lasting change by leveraging the power of collective action. We’ve supported the Foundation in many ways over the years, including creating a coherent visual system, developing multiple websites and online tools, and designing their annual reports. There is one project, though, that makes us particularly proud: helping to create Oral Health 2020. A national movement, Oral Health 2020 brings together experts, providers, policy makers, corporate leaders, and grassroots activists from around the country and puts them to work towards a common objective: to make oral care integral to the way we understand and practice health care.

To strengthen their effort, we’ve created and built several tools for the movement:

  • A brand identity that articulates the mission, fosters unity, and creates a strong visual presence for the movement.
  • An online social network to unify, collect, and amplify the ideas shared between participants.
  • An interactive database to track the impact of investments.
  • A digital model to visualize how network members are understanding, and solving the complex problem of making oral health care accessible to all.
  • A suite of branded materials for national conventions, including a 60+ page book, social media wall, giveaway items, interactive activities, and whitepapers.


With our help, Oral Health 2020 is becoming a bigger brand than its founding member, DentaQuest Foundation, which was the goal all along. As its membership grows, their work is transforming public dialogue, changing the system, and moving us closer to achieving optimal oral health for all.

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